Hello, I'm Jeni Hott.

In 2008, I became the world's first 7 figure blogger, recognized by Google for changing the face of the blogosphere forever. Since then, I have created countless successful online businesses, using the same strategies and automation techniques that have allowed me to make millions of dollars while working only a few times a year… all while I traveled the world, living a life of freedom.

I believe all should have this opportunity. So this is me, sharing my strategies and paying it forward.

15 Minute Strategy Call

Let's help each other: If you are an entrepreneur, coach, or just an overwhelmed business owner who is tired of "working hard for money," I would like to hear your story and get your feedback to help me learn exactly what is needed for my next training program. As a thank you, I will offer a free clarity session, answering all your business questions and offering guidance on where to go from your current position, so you can get on track to living a life of freedom with more time, more money, and more impact than ever before.

Relaxed Business Launch

Jeni Hott's first program, where she teaches you how to launch your relaxed online business or automate an existing one.

Your business will be based around authenticity and integrity, using your own talent, skills, and expertise, to help others on a large scale.

In 90 days, you will have created and launched a new larger ticket product that you can turn into a relaxed or fully automated income stream. In addition, you will have learned the basic principles and established a systematic foundation for keeping your business as simplified and easy as possible.

  • Learn exactly how to start with an action by action approach that has you learning as you build.

  • Overcome business-building overwhelm by getting clear on who you’re trying to reach, what they want, and how to give it to them.

  • Confidently create a business that attracts your dream audience.

  • A low-tech approach ensures you won't get stumped: Simplified marketing strategies, templates, and relaxed site platforms only.

“The highest earning blogger in the world, and a top 1% highest earning internet marketer for over 16 years. If you want to learn online marketing this is your chance to learn from the best.”

Tony Robbins

“The only person to ever tell me that working 4 hours a week, "every week" was too much, and living proof it's possible to work less and play more.”

Tim Ferris