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Hello, I'm Jeni Hott, founder of this new & unique
business school.

In 2008, I became the world's first 7 figure blogger, recognized by Google for changing the face of the blogosphere forever. Since then, I have created countless successful online businesses, using the same strategies and automation techniques that have allowed me to make millions of dollars while working only a few times a year… all while I traveled the world, living a life of freedom.

I believe all should have this opportunity. So this is me, sharing my strategies and paying it forward.

The Jenius MBA pilot program is now open.

Here is your chance to join my exclusive, Founding Student Program, & start building your "work from anywhere" business as you learn from my 19 years of internet marketing experience.

Two months ago, I opened the doors to a select group of entrepreneurs, ready to build their relaxed online business with hand-holding from me personally.   

If you are a match for my program, you will receive a seriously discounted lifetime tuition, coaching with me personally, and lifetime access to our Mastermind group (virtual and destination.)  There will also be additional invitation-only opportunities.

In return, I will work closely with you and ask for feedback based on your experience, allowing me to revise and perfect my MBA program for future students.

My MBA program will eventually cost upwards of $25,000, and not include coaching with me personally.

We currently have 70+ students.

We have only a few seats remaining, and the doors close in 2 weeks.

Business Startup 101

Your dream business should be built around the life you want. Not the other way around.

My passive income and relaxed business models are unlike anything else. 

They have worked for me for over 16 years, and are now working for my students.

  • Work only a few times a year? Absolutely. 
  • Work from anywhere? Yes, please. 
  • Aim for 6 figures a month? It's a start.  
  • 7 or 8 Figures even in an unsteady economy? Of course.
  • Make a massive difference and influence millions of people... all using your own unique  experience, talents and expertise?  You've got this.

Learn everything you need to build, grow, and enjoy your successful online business... in one place. You jenius, you!

Free 30 Minute Strategy Session

Each week, I book only a handful of free strategy sessions for potential FSP (Founding Student Program) candidates. Intrigued? Let’s chat about your goals, your existing or desired business, and map out a plan. We can then decide if Jenius is the right match for you.

Business Startup 101

The only program you need to launch your dream business, based around your desired lifestyle. Designed around your own expertise, talents & passions, we create a relaxed business that truly makes the world a better place.

  • Learn exactly how to start with an action by action approach that has you learning as you build.

  • Overcome business-building overwhelm by getting clear on who you’re trying to reach, what they want, and how to give it to them.

  • Confidently create a business that attracts your dream audience.

  • A low-tech approach ensures you won't get stumped: Simplified marketing strategies, templates, and relaxed site platforms only.

“The highest earning blogger in the world, and a top 1% highest earning internet marketer for over 16 years. If you want to learn online marketing this is your chance to learn from the best.”

Tony Robbins

“The only person to ever tell me that working 4 hours a week, "every week" was too much, and living proof it's possible to work less and play more.”

Tim Ferris


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