Let's create your legacy lifestyle business....

Have a business up and running in less than 6 months, & earn $10,000-$30,000 in the next 60 to 90 days... no matter what your experience level is.

Let's create your lifestyle business: an online business specifically designed around the life you want, so you can do what you want, where you want, when you want, with whomever you want, working only as often as you want... all while truly making a difference in people’s lives.

Designed with beginners in mind, you’ll learn value-driven, ethical internet marketing WHILE you build your business using Jeni’s signature “work smarter, not harder” business principles and strategies that have allowed her to make millions of dollars while working only a few times a year for over 15 years.

No matter what your experience level is, in less than 6 months, you will have the FREEDOM & SECURITY that come with a successful online business, and the skills & knowledge to grow your business to 7, 8 figures or more.

The Founding Student Pilot Program

[Limited Time]

This is a unique online marketing school, focused on teaching "Working smarter, not harder" principles & specifically for those who feel the urge to make an extraordinary difference through your business.

For the next few months, the doors will be open to a small group of "Founding Students" who are ready to create their first online business & learn ethical  marketing as a whole. 

In our initial course, Business Startup 101, I will walk you through creating a solid foundation for your online business.  

In less than 6 months you will have:

- A Jenius Mindset that has you focused on "work less, play more, help others." You'll understand goal planning, the keys to adding MASSIVE value to your audience, the ability to start any online business in as little as 2 weeks.

- You will have a mission. You will also have a real and active business with an initial business plan. You will have a  goal map, a precise client profile, a growing audience, an email list, and much more.

- You will be part of a supportive community with your fellow students, with an invitation to 2 weekly Mastermind video calls.

- Founding Students will also receive a heavily discounted tuition offer and extensive coaching by Jeni and guest experts.

So what's the catch?  You are getting my early lesson drafts and allowing me to work closely with you to perfect the curriculum based on your feedback and questions.  You also may be asked to share your experience as case studies and examples to help future students.

In addition to the discounted tuition, lifetime access, and coaching, you will also be getting my heartfelt gratitude, and a personal promise from me that I will help you reach your goals.

Founding Student Tuition

Note: Once the Founding Student Program is no longer offered, regular tuition will start at $8,000-$10,000 with coaching bootcamps offered at an additional cost.

  • $2,397.00

    Founding Student Special Tuition: All Courses in the JENIUS MBA Program

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    Payment Option

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Inside Business Startup 101

Our first course is Business Startup 101. This is a self-paced program with 3 weekly coaching & mastermind calls. During these lessons, you will define the life you want, and then build the foundation of your business around this.

Since we will be using a “learn by doing” approach, you will be guided through creating a product; a training program, coaching program, online course, etc. You do NOT need to know your topic beforehand. We have an in-depth self-discovery process for determining the right topic for you, based on your own natural gifts, passions, and expertise. (It’s fun and insightful!)

  • Learn the same internet marketing strategies Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes & more authorities have personally come to me to learn.

  • No need to know your business topic. I'll walk you through my signature process of self discovery to learn the perfect topic for you, based on your personal talents, experiences, and passions.

  • You'll learn exactly how to design any business around your dream life. Your schedule, your income goals, your terms.

  • Your income possibilities are limitless. You will learn how to THINK BIG to influence every business decision and why it's easier to make BIG money vs. small money.

Have questions for me?

Let's have a friendly chat! I'll explain the program and ask a few questions about your goals. Then you can take your time and decide if the investment is right for you.


  • What kind of business will I be creating?

    There are 4 online business models. 1. Online Education (Courses, digital products) 2. Influencer (blogging, social media, etc) 3. e-Commerce (selling products online) 4. Agency (offering services for 1 on 1) The school will be offering classes in all of these, with our first course, Business Startup 101, creating a training program/course/coaching program as our initial product. There is no experience necessary, and absolutely nothing required; I will personally guide you from zero. I chose this model out of the 4, because it offers fast reward and is beginner-friendly. It is also the easiest option for creating a legacy that is automation-friendly, and allows you to make a difference by helping others in a powerful way.

  • How soon can you make money?

    In as little as 2 weeks, but the average is 4 to 6 weeks. It is very feasible to make $10,000 to $30,000 in your first 60 to 90 days before we create your product. How? We will be following a baby-step proven strategy that brings money in while you are still in the research phase using a pre-sale game plan.

  • What if I'm not a techie?

    This course is no-tech required. At this level, I keep it simple. I only teach you what you need to know to get off the ground and to learn the fundamentals to build on in the next courses. Future courses will introduce some low-tech options with video tutorials provided. Should you ever need additional support, my developers will be on call at ready to step in.

  • What if I don't know my topic?

    I have an in-depth discovery process for coming up with the right topic based on your talents, gifts, expertise and passions. I'll take you through this step by step approach and have you up and running in no time.

  • What is the course schedule?

    All courses are and will always be self paced. You can work through the lessons and workbooks on your own schedule. We have 3 calls weekly. Current schedule: - Tuesday Live Coaching: 8:33am PST (finished when all questions are answered.) - Wednesday Mastermind: evenings. - Sunday Mastermind: late afternoons. Can't make the coaching call? You have the option to submit questions beforehand, and I will answer them on the call. You can then watch the recording later. Masterminds are student meetings (with or without me) where you can bounce ideas off one another, ask for feedback, share wins, and support one another. Plus, it's just fun :)

My goal is to create laptop millionaires, who live a life of freedom, while making a difference.

There is more to life than spending 40 hours a week in an office, making other people money. That's why I've created this school, and with beginners in mind, I'm finally teaching all my secrets; exactly how I create multi-million dollar online businesses, while still being able to take up to a year off and travel the world.

Course curriculum

    1. Orientation v.1.1

    2. Getting Started Checklist 1.1

    3. The Grand Plan

    4. Quickstart for Quick Money (The next course revision will have this embedded in the process.)

    1. Questions?

    2. Weekly Calls (7.8.22)

    3. Self Care

    4. Book Club


    6. Products & Services (7.8.22)

    1. Workbook Instruction v.1.5

    2. 101 Workbook PDF Download v.1.6 [5.8.22]

    3. 101 Workbook Viewable v.1.6 [5.8.22]

    4. Facebook Group Startup (7.8.22)

    5. Bragsheet Helper Part 1-2 [5.8.22]

    1. Thursday Mastermind 11.10.22 (Updates)

    2. Tuesday Live 11.1.22 (Lead magnets)

    3. Thursday Mastermind 10.27.22 (Emails, hosting, etc)

    4. Tuesday Live 10.25.22

    5. Tuesday Live 10.18.22 (A sneak peek into Advanced Strategies)

    6. Thursday Mastermind 10.13.22

    7. Tuesday Live 10.11.22 (Eating the Elephant!)

    8. Tuesday Live 10.4.22 (Tracey's Lesson: BEYOND Success Method!)

    9. Thursday 9.29.22 Part 2 (Ricardo mini lesson on helpful links)

    10. Thursday 9.29.22 Part 1 (Podcasts, Banking, etc.)

    11. Tuesday Live 9.27.22 (Marc's Lesson on Branding)

    12. Tuesday Live 9.20.22 (Lauren's Mindset Lesson)

    13. Thursday Mastermind 9.15.22 (Marc's website, How to get people to find you)

    14. Tuesday Live 9.13.22 (Know, Like, Trust lesson, Q&A)

    15. Thursday Mastermind 9.8.22 (Building Familiarity, Updates, etc)

    16. Tuesday Live "Mastermind" 9.6.22 (Morals and Ethics with Kip, Maximizing your Credit with Paul)

    17. Thursday Mastermind 9.1.22 (Updates from everyone)

    18. Tuesday Live 8.30.22 (How to find groups, starting biz pages)

    19. Thursday Mastermind 8.25.22 (Updates, Q&A)

    20. Tuesday Live 8.23.22 (Imposter Syndrome, Hero stories)

    21. Thursday Mastermind 8.18.22 (LLC, Calendly)

    22. Tuesday Live 8.16.22 (Asking for the "sale", Discounting, Can I curse??)

    23. Thursday Mastermind 8.11.22

    24. Tuesday Live 08.09.22 (Q&A, Interview engagement, Monetizing)

    25. Sunday Mastermind 08.07.22 (Q and A, Pricing, etc.)

    26. Sunday Mastermind 7.31.22 (WORK LESS!, Branding)

    27. Tuesday live 08.02.22 (Molly Rose's Lesson on VA's, Interview Q's)

    28. Thursday 7.28.22 Thursday Mastermind (Conversation flow)

    29. Tuesday Live 7.26.22 (Interview Q's, Conversation starters, Finding groups)

    30. Sunday Mastermind 7.24.22 (Website hosting)

    31. Thursday Mastermind 7.21.22 (Password Protection, functional websites)

    32. Tuesday Live 7.19.22 (Interview Process, Interview Queries, Personality Tests, We <3 Procrastination)

    33. Sunday Mastermind 7.17.22 (Interview Process, Meeting ppl where they're at)

    34. Thursday Mastermind 7.14.22

    35. Wednesday Mastermind (7.6.22) DCA Queries, Narrow Niche, Co-Founders

    36. Sunday Mastermind 7.10.22 (Determining your topic, Finding your pitch, 2 Avatars, Sandra's HERO Story)

    37. Tuesday Live 6.28.22 [Productivity: Fitting in Course Time & Stepping back from daily hustle]

    38. Wednesday Mastermind 6.29.22 (Choosing Topics, Self Doubt, Landing pages & Heat maps preview)

    39. Sunday Mastermind 6.26.22 (Work Season 2, Productivity)

    40. Tuesday Live 6.21.22 [Work Seasons Part 1]

    41. Wednesday Mastermind 6.22.22

    42. Wednesday Mastermind 6.15.22

    43. Sunday Mastermind 6.19.22 (Facebook Groups, Keyword Research, Course Input Request)

    44. Tuesday Live 6.14.22 (One Project at a Time)

    45. Wednesday Mastermind 6.9.22 [DCA Questions Q&A]

    46. Sunday Mastermind 6.12.22

    47. Tuesday 6.7.22 (Lesson: The Grand Plan)

    48. Tuesday Live 5.27.22

    49. Tuesday Live: 5.31.22

    50. Sunday Mastermind 5.22.22

    51. Wednesday Mastermind 5.18.22 (Inspiring Ladies)

    52. Sunday Mastermind 5.15.22

    53. Tuesday Live 5.17.22 (Super Call - Recommended Watch)

    54. Tuesday Live 5.10.22 (Super Call- Recommended Watch)

    55. Sunday Social Mastermind 5.8.22

    56. Tuesday Live 5.3.22

    57. Wednesday Social Mastermind 5.4.22

    58. Sunday Social Mastermind 5.1.22

    59. Wednesday Social Mastermind 4.27.22

    60. Tuesday Live 4.26.22

    61. Thursday Social Mastermind 4.21.22

    62. Sunday Social Mastermind 4.24.22

    63. Tuesday Live: 4.19.22

    64. Sunday Social Mastermind: 4.17.22

    65. Tuesday Live 11.15.22 (Attention grabbing headlines, titles, etc)

    1. 90 Day Letter & Ridiculous Vision (7.8.22)

    2. Goal Mapping: Follow the Gold v.1.2 (7.8.22)

    3. Work Season Mindset (v.1.2 6.30.22)

    4. Thinking Big (v.1.2 7.1.22)

    5. Adding MASSIVE Value (Upcoming)

    6. You Are a Rockstar!

    1. Deep Demographic Overview

    2. DCA vs. ICA vs. Seeker

    3. DCA Interview Instructions v.1.5 [NOTE: Major update coming.]

    4. DCA Interview Instructions PHASE 1 [6.4.22] [Update Preview]

    5. Interview Examples

    6. Find DCA's & How to Connect v.1.6 [5.17.22]

    7. How to Make Friends (Interview Tips) (Rough 7.10.22)

    8. Price Planning v.1.2 (7.1.22)

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